Caring Rabbit with 3 Easy Tips

Caring for rabbits is not difficult than caring for a cat or dog. How not, either local or international rabbits all treatment is not a big effort to take care of him, and does not require special salon because it can be done alone.

As presented rabbit breeders of URfarm-garden rabbit, Nuning nurhayati that caring for rabbits is very easy. But there are some important things you need to know, such as:

1. Keeping the cage is always clean
It is the first to remember, said Nuning. According to keep the cage clean it was very important that the rabbit remained healthy and did not smell. Try, clean the cages every morning and take manure to be used as fertilizer.
“Rabbit droppings either feces or urine can be used to fertilize crops,” said Nuning.

2. Giving a healthy diet
“Never give food to rabbits made from chemicals or preservatives. For healthy rabbits can be seen from the feces round, hard and does not smell,” said Nuning.
Nuning also add, if you want to give food vegetables, try not to give direct fresh vegetables. Let stand until slightly wilted be hours that rabbits do not eat the sap.

3. Store in a cage
Do not identify other ornamental rabbit like animals that can roam anywhere. Rabbits like a comfortable room temperature. Not too hot, cold much less rain.
“The rabbit may be issued but not too often because it was feared, the park was dirty and when trampled rabbit, he will
sick. But if the cage also can be rather wide so that they are comfortable, “he explained.