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The reason why the cat is an animal that must be maintained

You feel alone? Stay away from the family? Or your heart feel lonely because not long ago broke up? Hey do not get confused
Keeping animals is one way to keep you busy and forgot the feeling of your heart being sad. Lots of animals that you can choose to maintain one of which is a cat. Besides furry and cute, cats also require a lot of attention from their owners so that he would become a pet that will not make you bored. The research proved that people who stroked the soft fur cat can reduce the risk of someone suffering from depression. Cats also do not make a fuss so it will not interfere with the environment around.

This is the reason why you have to keep the cat:
1. It takes a lot of time
If you are a busy person. Cats are pets that are suitable for your pet. Because they can determine where the most comfortable beds. They also can quickly learn where should she have to pee, eat and drink. They also can clean their own body so you do not need to frequently bathe.

2. Cats spoiled animal
Although they are independent animals, cats at the same time are also often looking for your attention. There is nothing better than stroking the cat’s soft fur to make their eyes are closed because they feel comfortable. And you should know that what makes a cat eager to move is playing with rope, plastic, or cardboard.

3. Hunters are expert
Your home is in trouble with a population of rats or cockroaches that much? Cats can help you get rid of the smell of animals. This is because the cat is a hunter that is reliable and has a high curiosity. Therefore, when cats hear or see animals such as rats or cockroaches smell, the cat will not stop intruders in action until it stops moving.

4. The entertainers were good
Cats have thousands and behavior are cute and adorable that will make you can not stop laughing at the sight. The proof cat is an animal ruler virtual universe where many owners to upload their adorable cat action. In addition, cats can also detect if the owners feel sad. He was willing to sit with you while letting their feathers stroked until you feel better.

5. Prevention of disease
It has been mentioned that stroking a cat can reduce your depression.
This is because when you stroked the cat, your body releases endorphins which is the anti-stress hormone into the brain. Stroking a cat was also shown to reduce the risk of heart disease and high blood pressure. And you must know that many diseases are derived from high blood pressure, including stroke.

6. Territorial
No doubt that a lot of stray cats hanging around was annoying. They often make a mess of your trash or even steal food when your guard down and open the door. Cats are territorial animals, which means they do not like if there are other cats that enter their territory. Therefore, your cat will immediately react and repel feral cats who venture into the area where you live.

7. Have a long life
A cat has an average age of 14 years even up to 20 years. Of course with good care and mandatory vaccines.
With a long life, you can give love longer and do not need to be frequently say goodbye as the short-lived pet.