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Protect your dog far away from danger with Pet GPS tracker

Why we choose Mimi Pet GPS tracker? There has been a 75% increase in Dog Theft in Shenzhen over the last two years according to statistics released by the Police in February 2013. How can we protect our lovely pet? Meitrack MT90 give you solution, you need not worry as your pet will always be able to be located.

On Traditional Protection Way Most pet owners let their dogs stay in room. To be safe, they chain dog even though go out or for a walk and tightly follow. But many of them found the dog is always unhappy with long chain — dog has no freedom. Because of stiff protection, part of dogs becomes sensitive. What’ worse, the dog get sick? How we can help?

Benjamin has a very cute dog named Gigi. From weeks ago, lucky is in bad mood once see the metal chain. He was so worried if she goes out alone without chain. One of his friends recommends him Meitrack MT90 GPS tracker for pet. For Gigi, he decided to have a try.

What’s the Change after Use GPS Meitrack MT90 is a discreet pet tracking device for pet. No larger than a handset phone of matches, it can easily tie to your pets collar.

Benjamin noted he can then instantly view Gigi’s position anytime on computer, mobile phone or PDA. If Gigi go outside, website will automatically give him quickest directions to location. Beside web, MT90 will also send you him a text message if Gigi strays outside a pre-determined area. With MT90, Benjamin gets complete peace of mind. He spoke highly of Meitrack GPS which gave new protection style to his lovely Gigi.

Summary If you want to know where the dog is & what’ go on, get a pet GPS tracker. If you want a mini size pet tracker, Meitrack MT90 may help you. What can GPS help you?

1, Real time on line tracking on PC & Mobile 2, SMS commend get currently position 3, Two way audio, listen in what’s happening 4, IP65 to water resistance 5, View history route where the pet gone